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_"I know what I want to do. I donít need any drawings!"

Wrong! In all the years I have done this kind of work, the most common mistake I have seen people make is to proceed on their projects without going through a planning and design phase. It is true that some projects do not require detailed architectural drawings, however, most restoration and remodeling projects do and here is why.

1. The drawings are the contract! Would you make a bank loan without a promissory note? Would you buy a car without a bill of sale and a written warranty? I donít think so. A remodeling/restoration project is a complicated set of tasks that involve hundreds and often thousands of components. These details must be in writing so that the contractor can price your project accurately. Itís a pay me now or pay me later issue.

2. Itís the only way you can discover what you want. Most people think they know what they want when they start a project. My experience is that they donít. Without going through a detailed examination of each aspect of the project with a qualified design professional and/or contractor, it is very difficult to make good decisions about the details of the project. If you do not...and the plans are incomplete...the changes that occur during the project will be at your expense. It is not uncommon for projects with poor documentation to overrun by 50% or more. Think ahead! The money and time spent on a good set of plans will more than pay for itself and best of all, youíll have an accurate idea of the cost of the project BEFORE you start, not after youíre done.

excerpted from: "KINDLING" by contractor Chris Travis

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