3D Rendering of Animal Shelter in New York.


Contract Drafting means that if the project that I work on has a fair market value greater than $100,000, said work would have to be directed by a Licensed Engineer or Architect.


Civil Contract Drafting
Property Surveys, ALTA Surveys, Topographic Surveys, Final Surveys, Property Exhibits, Plats, Preliminary Layouts, Plot Plans, Site Plans, Grading Plans, Water & Sanitary Sewer Systems and Treatment Plants, Water Storage Tanks / Standpipes, Street Construction / Improvements, Traffic Control Plans, Striping Plans, Subdivisions, Summary of Quantities, Building Additions, Building Expansions, Flood Studies, Hwy. & Transportation Department Projects, Area & Vicinity Maps, Bridges, Box Culverts, Pipelines, Utility Improvements, Erosion Control, Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans, Pump Stations, Force Mains & Gravity Sewers, Septic Systems, Sprinkler Systems, Dams, Landfills, Water Models, Presentations, 3D Rendering, As-builts & Civil Details.

Architectural Contract Drafting
Preliminary Designs, Floor Plans, Interior & Exterior Elevations, Schedules, Roof Plans, Reflected Ceiling Plans, Building Sections, Construction Documents, Additions / Renovations, Landscaping, Wall Sections, Life Safety Plans, Millwork, Manufacturing, Presentations, 3D Rendering, As-builts & Architectural Details

Structural Contract Drafting
Structural Plans, Structural / Steel Detailing, Foundation Plans, Footings, Vaults, Bridges, Piers, Framing Plans & Structural Details

Mechanical Contract Drafting
HVAC Plans, Plumbing Plans, Plumbing Risers, Schedules, Process Piping Systems, Technical Illustrations, Patent Drawings, Parts & Mechanical Details

Electrical Contract Drafting
Electrical Site Plans, Electrical Lighting & Power Plans, Electrical Riser Diagrams, Schedules, Wiring & Layout Diagrams, MCC Panels / Schematics, Circuiting & Electrical Details

Other Services
Court Exibits, Crime Scene Exhibits, Commercial Art, Inventions, Games, Cards, Maps, Brochures, Signs, Logos, Title Blocks, Flyers, Posters, Advertisements, Presentations & 3D Rendering